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Designer, Creative, Developer

Creative Product Designer with a user-centric approach, spanning from design systems to establishing design thinking in companies. Designs have earned accolades, including multiple #1 Product of the Week on Product Hunt, Featured by Google, multiple start up competition wins, and a successful acquisition. Discover more about me and my work.


Innovation you can see, hear, and feel.

Pushing boundaries from the inside out. Spatial experiences on Apple Vision Pro are only possible through groundbreaking Apple technology. Displays the size of a postage stamp that deliver more pixels than a 4K TV to each eye. Incredible advances in Spatial Audio. A revolutionary dual‑chip design featuring custom Apple silicon. A sophisticated array of cameras and sensors. All the elements work together to create an unprecedented experience you have to see to believe.


Not that you learned about my professional life how about my personal life.

Living Life

Some things love to do:
Snowboard, travel, take photos, video games read, and learn new languages.

More pixels than a 4K TV. For each eye.

The custom micro‑OLED display system features 23 million pixels, delivering stunning resolution and colors. And a specially designed three‑element lens creates the feeling of a display that’s everywhere you look.

Our most advanced Spatial Audio system ever.

Dual-driver audio pods positioned next to each ear deliver personalized sound while letting you hear what’s around you. Spatial Audio makes sounds feel like they’re coming from your surroundings. Audio ray tracing analyzes your room’s acoustic properties to adapt and match sound to your space. And if you want to use headphones with Apple Vision Pro, the new AirPods Pro (2nd generation) with USB‑C offer the perfect experience, featuring Lossless Audio with ultra-low latency enabled by the H2 chip in both devices.