My journey with Jotted began long before the company itself existed. Fascinated by the potential of GPT-2 (yes GPT-2 not 3 or 4), I embarked on a mission to enhance student learning through custom AI tools. This led to the creation of a unique flashcard generator, allowing students to convert extensive texts and articles into quizzes and flashcards, a tool that was more than just an application; it was a gateway to efficient learning. This innovative project laid the groundwork for what would soon evolve into Jotted, following a merger with a team aimed at leveraging AI to create mind maps from sprawling internet data.


July 2022 – May 2023


Founder, Product Designer

Tools Used

Figma, JavaScript, Framer



Preview of how the mindmap web clipper works, showcasing the transformation from a youtube link to structured knowledge.

Problem Statement

The digital age has ushered in an era of information overload, making learning and research increasingly overwhelming. Students and lifelong learners alike face the daunting task of navigating through endless online content, struggling to filter, organize, and retain valuable information. Jotted was conceived to address this digital dilemma by transforming unstructured internet data into organized, easily navigable mindmaps, thus simplifying the learning process and enhancing knowledge retention.


Visuals from user research sessions and key data points from surveys.

Early Inspirations and Merger

Initially, my project focused on simplifying study materials into manageable flashcards. However, the real transformation began when I met a team with a similar vision: to use AI to transform internet chaos into structured mind maps. Our teams merged, combining the flashcard generator's simplicity with sophisticated mind mapping capabilities. This fusion marked the birth of Jotted – an all-encompassing learning platform.

Early sketches or mockups of the flashcard generator and initial mind map concepts, illustrating the conceptual merge.


User Research and Discovery

User Research and Discovery

Embarking on the Jotted journey, we dived deep into the student psyche. Through Google Meets, we connected with peers and professors, uncovering a universal struggle: the daunting task of preparing for tests and reviewing professorial materials. A surprising insight was the universal challenge students faced, from Harvard to community colleges, in merely starting their assignments. This profound understanding steered our design towards making learning more engaging and tailored to the college experience, significantly influenced by our social media interactions.

Charts or infographics summarizing key user research findings, highlighting the prevalent issues faced by users.


Design Evolution and Integration

Merging two different visions into one cohesive design was our paramount challenge. We navigated through low to high fidelity iterations, constantly adapting to incorporate new functionalities like an innovative sidebar for link previews within mind maps, making educational exploration more interactive and enjoyable.

A series of design iterations for Jotted, from initial wireframes to final high-fidelity mockups.


Visuals of the Glide prototype and demo commercial. Illustrate the user journey from both the customer’s and runner’s perspectives, showing screenshots or wireframes from the MVP to depict how the initial concept supported each step of the service.

Technical Journey and Solutions

The development of Jotted was a complex ballet of innovation, dealing with intricate product cycles and creating a seamless experience across Chrome extensions, mobile, and desktop platforms. The collaboration with technologies like Xano, and frameworks such as React, played a crucial role in bringing our vision to life.

Screenshots or diagrams illustrating the technical architecture, including the Google Chrome extension, mobile, and desktop versions.


Showcase the detailed design progressions from Adobe XD, including the implementation of new security features and user interface enhancements, to demonstrate how stakeholder feedback was integrated into the app’s evolution.

User Feedback and Community Engagement

Leveraging Product Hunt for user feedback, Jotted quickly climbed the ranks, securing the #1 product of the week in various categories. This acclaim was mirrored by Google's recognition of our Chrome extension for its exceptional design and accessibility, highlighting our commitment to making learning accessible and engaging.

Screenshots of Product Hunt badges, user testimonials, and analytics dashboards showcasing engagement metrics.


Impact and Reflection

Jotted's journey from a concept to a platform has been marked by significant milestones – from a surge in map creations and link engagements to recognition by industry giants. Our mission to declutter the information overload landscape has not only sped up the bookmarking process but has also made organizing learning resources a breeze.

Graphs and statistics demonstrating Jotted’s impact on user engagement and learning efficiency.


Looking Back and Ahead

Reflecting on this transformative journey, the greatest lessons were in design integration, cross-functional teamwork, and the power of a multi-disciplinary designer in a fast-paced environment. Jotted was more than a project; it was a testament to the impact of cohesive design and innovative thinking.

While Jotted's journey has reached its end, the experiences and insights gained continue to inspire and shape my future endeavors. The project underscored the importance of user-centered design, the power of collaboration, and the never-ending quest for improvement.

Personal photos or reflective notes that symbolize the learning and growth experienced throughout the project.



Jotted was not just a culmination of two projects but a beginning of a new narrative in educational technology. As I continue on my path, the essence of Jotted, with its challenges and triumphs, remains a beacon guiding my design philosophy and approach.

Inspirational imagery or concept art representing future directions and the enduring legacy of Jotted.