Project Overview

Plannel is an app which allows users to find a better way to manage their work responsibilities, deadlines, and communications. For this project I worked on facilitating UX research and design.


August 2021 - November 2021:

UX Researcher, UX Designer


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The Problem

Communication is an important part of work, however when there are multiple projects occurring within an organization it can be difficult to sift through the noise to understand individual responsibilities and deadlines. For instance,  an individual might be a part of multiple projects operating on different deadlines with different tasks and personnel.

The Goal

Design an app that allows for users to simply create a project, add other coworkers, share files and attachments easily, and communicate effectively. Implement the use of a personalized dashboard that provides event reminders, individual responsibilities, task specific chats, shared documents, and issue tracking.

Understanding the user

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I conducted user research by interviewing working individuals about what was frustrating to them in the workplace. I kept notes of what they said and realized a major pain point is communication especially when there is a large number of projects. After gathering user research an opportunity to address these problems became relevant. 


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Starting the design

After conducting initial interviews from users and creating a persona based on the insights I understood the basic components to starting a wireframe. After creating a "paper" wireframe I translated the design to a digital wireframe to gain feedback via user testing.

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Usability Testing


Study type: Unmoderated usability study 

Location: Home

Participants: 4 participants 

Length: 30 minutes


  • Users want a hamburger menu that makes it easier to navigate through pages

  • Users want a better home menu 

  • Clear navigation and process needed (On boarding screen)

  • More functionality

Refining the Design

Based on the insights gained users wanted a detailed view of events that are relevant to them. This allows users to find actionable items that they can contribute to. In addition, users want an easy overview of specific capabilities of the app.

  • Users wanted to start with an intro page to learn how to use the app 

  • Showcase tutorials when first interacting with a new feature

  • Now when you first launch the app a quick tutorial is given 

  • Certain users took time in order to find the user profile settings

  • In addition the bottom screen navigator icons were not easy to understand and would take up valuable space

  • So a hamburger menu was implemented

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Accessibility considerations applied


1. Better contrast to helpful visually impaired users

2. Addition of icons to help with text menu

3. Large buttons and usable space

Going forward


Using this app can help users communicate with each other and make workflow more enjoyable.

What I learned:

I learned that with designing a good UX there will be a lot of iterations that help the user.


Next steps:

1. Conduct further research on how the app can be improved. 

2. Conduct another user research to see what are some other pain points expressed in projects.